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March 6, 2019 Catching Up with Kiersten Giles, Online CE Student

After doing her research and applying to several schools, Kiersten Giles chose Central Penn College as the place to earn her Bachelor of Science online in Business Administration with a Management concentration. She started in the fall of 2016 and is on target to graduate in May.

Giles works as a supply chain planning analyst II in Retail Business Services, with Ahold Delhaize, the owner of Giant supermarkets. She felt a degree would help advance her career. “I was already working in the field that I wanted to be in; however, I felt that having my degree would give me the knowledge and confidence that I could use to really help me succeed in future positions,” says Giles, a graduate of Boiling Springs High School.

She recently talked with us via email about her Central Penn experience…

What were some of the deciding factors in choosing Central Penn College?

KG: After applying to a few different schools, I chose CPC because it offered all of its courses online. Some schools still require you to be on campus for certain days, which wasn't always conducive with a changing work schedule. I also really appreciated how responsive everyone was. From the first day I reached out to when I scheduled my last term of courses and applied to graduate, it has always been very easy to get in contact with the people you needed to.

Can you describe what it’s like being a student at Central Penn?

KG: Overall, I've had a great experience at CPC. I felt the majority of the courses were applicable to my degree and the classes were provided in a format that was clear and easy to follow. I always found it easy to get in contact with my professors, if I had a question regarding an assignment or deadline. The online portal is very user-friendly and consistent through all of my courses, which is very helpful when managing a full workload as many people do.

Can you name a favorite course or two?

KG: One of my favorite courses was retail management. I have nine years in retail and five in retail management, so this was a fun class to relate to my duties I'm performing at work. I also enjoyed the project management course. This was a type of management that I wasn’t as familiar with, but I really enjoyed branching out and exploring different areas in the field.

What would you tell someone who’s a working professional about coming to Central Penn?

KG: The most important piece of advice that I can give is to make your schooling a priority, just like you would anything else in your day-to-day routine. Setting aside time to actually sit down and focus is very important, especially if you decide to take online courses. I was able to connect what I was studying in school to what I was working on in my job and it became even more valuable as time went on.

Getting Her Master's

Once she graduates in May, Giles will return to Central Penn College in the fall to begin her Master of Professonal Studies in Organizational Leadership.