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October 11, 2018 CPC Students Perform Well in GLO-BUS Competition

by Ben Lipschutz, Interim Dean of Professional Studies (pictured)

Kudos to Central Penn students Monica Ream and Addy Perales for placing in the Top 100 overall in the GLO-BUS Business Strategy simulation, which was a part of my BUS470 Business Seminar, an online course that occurred during the summer term. GLO-BUS is an online competition where teams of students operate companies vying for global market leadership. During this most recent contest, participants competed in two product categories––wearable video cameras and sophisticated camera-equipped copter drones.

The student-created companies sell to buyers in four geographic regions—Europe-Africa, North America, Asia-Pacific and Latin America. Students must make decisions relating to R&D, component usage, product performance, product line breadth, production operations, workforce compensation, outsourcing, pricing, sales and marketing, finance, corporate citizenship and social responsibility.

The challenge is to craft and execute a competitive strategy that results in a respected brand image, keeps your company in contention for global market leadership, and produces good financial performance. Company success is measured by earnings per share, return on investment, stock price appreciation and credit rating.

For this competition, participating schools included Lebanon Valley College, Slippery Rock University, Texas A&M, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, University of South Africa, University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City, and Melbourne Institute of Technology.

Ream and Perales were ranked several times in the Top 100, reaching as high as ninth for their overall game-to-date score for a single week, and ending the simulation in 85th place for overall game-to-date score and 74th for their earnings per share.

Congratulations to these two students and their fantastic performance in this course!