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May 15, 2019 Criminal Justice Students Practice Surveillance Skills

“He’s moving.” “Crossing the bridge, I have the eye.” “They’re exchanging a package!” said criminal justice students in Professor Jeff Goble’s Police Operations class as they participated in a surveillance exercise last week on campus.

The class was divided into teams and presented with a situation involving a radical group led by Dr. Samuel Morgan aka “Doc.” According to the scenario, Morgan (pictured left) was to meet with an unknown person. The team was tasked with surveilling Morgan from his office to the meeting site, obtain images and generate a surveillance log based upon their notes. Professor Luke Donato of the math department played the role of the unknown party.

In preparation for the exercise, students read and discussed an article about the FBI’s Special Surveillance Group (SSG), its history and tactics. The teams then developed a communication system, conducted site surveys of the operational area and drafted a surveillance plan or “package” based upon their readings and discussions.

During the exercise, students discovered that small details––a missing telephone number or an uncovered door––can throw off the best plan. Quickly adjusting to the new situation, the teams regrouped and successfully completed their missions.