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November 28, 2018 Ethnomathematics: The New, New Math

Why do some cultures count by 4’s and 5’s and not 10’s? Why do the “teens” start at 13 and not 11? And why was five the highest number in the Yámana culture of Argentina? These and other burning math-related questions will be answered by Learning Center Director Megan Rehm during her presentation next week for the Faculty Colloquium series.

Titled “Connecting Culture to Content: Topics in Ethnomathematics,” the lecture will explore the ways that math, linguistics and culture intersect.

“Ethnomathematics is the study of math in a cultural context,” says Rehm. “Nothing occurs in a vacuum. Not even something as seemingly logic-based as math is immune from cultural pressures.”

Ready to up your math game? Stop by the Capital BlueCross Theatre on Wednesday, Dec. 5, at 12:10–1:10 p.m. for this year’s last Faculty Colloquium.