Central Penn College - Gamma Beta Phi induction ceremony at Central Penn College

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January 10, 2018 Gamma Beta Phi induction ceremony

Seventeen students have been inducted into Central Penn College's Gamma Beta Phi (GBP) at the organization's recent ceremony in the Capital BlueCross Theatre.

Jade Banks, Chelsey Barrick, Renee Biggic, Manesha Blenman, Jaime Buechel, Sarah Butler, Lateisha Carter, Sophia Charles, Ellen Coleman, Lisa Dressler, Denise Fahie, Mairobi Feliz-Decena, Lori Flick, Danielle Folks, Jennifer Gantt, Katelyn Gomez, Anice Gordon, Thaina Gustave, Jessica Harper, Tonia Hooper, Renalie Huerto, Gloria King-Cobb, Tia Kitner, Laura Lee, Amy McKivison, Jessica Moore, Janelle Nelson, Brandi Pattison, John Ransom, Stephanie Reip, Natalie Richards, Landon Roe, Heather Rudy, Stephanie Scaff, Roxann Shirk, Rachael Shott, Roberto Silva, Angelina Stillman, Rebecca Stuckey, Quottysha Thomas, Margaret Treaster and Brian Wright were inducted into the national honors and service society. GBP's watchwords are service, scholarship and character, and the organization aims to broaden members' academic and philanthropic lives so that they may graduate ready to make a difference in the world.

Gamma Beta Phi has chapters all across the United States. It regularly inducts thousands of academically excellent students who share its mission of promoting education and providing community service to their colleges and communities. The society has made a major impact all across America.