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April 11, 2019 Interview with CE Student Brittany Smith

After earning her AA degree at HACC, Brittany Smith decided to pursue her studies in Criminal Justice (CJ) at Central Penn College starting in January 2018. A continuing education (CE) student, Smith works full-time as a security officer for Harrisburg Property Services. She graduated with a bachelor’s in criminal justice administration in March.

Smith went to PA Cyber Charter School and currently lives in Steelton. She talked with us via email about her experience as a CPC student…

What were some of the factors that led you to choose Central Penn College?

BS: I chose Central Penn College because it’s local, has small class sizes, various course offerings and it offers students a chance to get a degree in a shorter amount of time.

What types of classes (in-person, online and hybrid) have you taken? 

BS: I have taken a mixture of all three class types.

Can you talk about your experience as a CJ major?

BS: I enjoyed that I was taught by individuals who worked in the field. Some classes took us to different locations and gave us first-hand experience of career fields we could go into. I also was given the opportunity to get certifications that employers enjoy seeing on resumes.

Did you have a favorite course or courses? 

BS: I enjoyed a few of my courses a bit more than others. Those classes included: Societal Changes in Victimology, Introduction to Corrections and Crisis Management. The victimology and corrections courses I enjoyed because it is the career field that I want to go into. I enjoyed Crisis Management because it gave me the opportunity to gain those certifications.

Do you have a favorite professor(s)?

BS: If I have to choose a favorite professor, I would choose Professor John Contino. I choose him simply because he gave a different perspective to the criminal justice system due to his past career as a lawyer.

How was the transfer process from HACC?

BS: I found that the transfer process from Harrisburg Area Community College was extremely easy. My admissions counselor helped me every step of the way.

Smith will pursue her master’s in criminology, with a certificate in behavioral crime analysis, at the California University of Pennsylvania in the fall. “I will be looking for jobs within the correctional side of CJ, such as parole and probation, especially juvenile probation,” says Smith.