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November 1, 2012 Kloehr named November Student of the Month

Congratulations to November’s student of the month, Amanda Kloehr. Kicking off her Central Penn College experience in the summer term of 2011, Kloehr is on the road to earning her corporate communications bachelor’s degree. She is slated to graduate in the spring term of 2014.

During her time at Central Penn, Kloehr has developed quite a resume and has reached for numerous opportunities and goals. Since a life-changing car accident, she has been adamant about stopping others from making the same mistake that she made of driving distracted. She has received much publicity for her story of turning tragedy into success and continues to spread the word about the dangers of distracted driving. Kloehr has also served her country in the United States Army.

Clearly driven by her thirst for success, Kloehr has faced much adversity in pursuing her dreams. Her decision to come to Central Penn was completely her own. She was motivated to move forward in higher education from those who doubted her. While there were many who encouraged her to apply her G.I. bill to her education, there were others who told her it was a waste. Defiantly, Kloehr responded by working toward earning a quality education.

“I’ve been through a lot,” says Kloehr. “I wasn’t the the greatest student in high school. I was way more into the social scene. Then I came here. Once I tasted the dean’s list during my first term, I was motivated. I haven’t been off yet. My GPA drives me and, though it hasn’t reached a perfect 4.0, it’s a solid reminder of what I’m capable of.”

Outside of Central Penn, Kloehr enjoys reading, flea markets, comic books and antiqueing. Her inner storyteller loves finding new trinkets with history. To her, everything tells a story. She also spends her rare free time watching the hit television show, “New Girl.”

Kloehr’s ultimate goal is to support herself and her professional speaking career. With her belief that it’s all about the differences one makes, she intends to utilize every bit of training she received; not only from Central Penn, but her military background as well.

“Quitting was never an option,” says Kloehr. “There is always someone yelling over my shoulder telling me to keep going. Don’t give up. Keep going. Don’t give up! I have no choice but to listen.” 

By Greg Jones, Student Reporter