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March 12, 2019 Media: Dr. Wehler on the New Captain Marvel Movie

Dr. Melissa Wehler appeared last week on WITF’s “Smart Talk” to discuss the new Captain Marvel movie, which features actress Brie Larson as the self-titled character.

The wide-ranging discussion delved into a number of related subjects, such as female superheroes, their often-sexist and stereotypical portrayal and the importance of greater female representation in the movies, TV and comics.

Wehler, dean of humanities and sciences at the college, was interviewed for about 15 minutes by host Scott Lamar. Here are some highlights:

  • On Captain Marvel not being Wonder Woman: “She’s a captain. She’s military… She’s not coming to us in a leotard; she’s got a fly suit.”
  • Men’s vs. women’s superhero costumes: “Men’s costumes show off their physicality: women’s show off their sexuality.”
  • On having new and better female superheroes: “To have ourselves reflected in these types of films is really important.”

Check out the full interview on Central Penn’s Facebook page.