Central Penn College - Montez Lacy selected as Knights' December Player of the Month

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December 21, 2012 Montez Lacy selected as Knights' December Player of the Month

In any athletic arena, there is much to be said about the bond that is gradually developed amongst a team. That bond is usually bolstered by an individual or multiple individuals who serve as the team’s glue. Veteran player and third-year business administration major Montez Lacy embodies this player.

Currently facing an injury, Lacy has seen a lot of action as an important player with the Central Penn Knights. Over the seasons, he has developed a humble, knowledgeable and motivational persona both on and off the court. He also has a firm belief in opening doors for younger players as they climb up the ranks.

“To be honest, I didn’t notice the importance of the role I play on an emotional level with the team, until I was injured,” says Lacy. “It was just second nature for me to stick to the presence I bring across around the team. It was always just being around great players and having them motivate me through their stories. Everyone has a story and a few players in particular have some heavy stories that make me play harder for them.”

One notable trait to be found in an ideal athlete is humility; the ability to put the benefit of others above the benefit of oneself. This season Lacy was getting back into the swing of things. Three games into the season, the Knights were playing against Berklee College when he faced an injury that has had him out of commission and on the road to recovery since. Even in that game, Lacy exclaims that it was for the team that he managed to score 22 points and get 3 steals and 4 assists.

“I have never been injured in this sport,” says Lacy. “I feel like it tests the mettle of a player when he has to sit back and watch everything he worked for happen without him; but I know the team will shine. I see this injury, though, as just a minor setback building up to a major comeback, you know? Seeing how much I was appreciated, I just have to thank the team, the coaches, and everybody who showed love and support. It’s because of them that I have enjoyed the years I’ve played with this team.”

By Greg Jones, Student Reporter