Central Penn College - New President Celebration – A Big Hit!

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September 4, 2018 New President Celebration – A Big Hit!

On a warm August evening, they came to meet the new president of Central Penn College at her first official public event. They came from the college… they came from the surrounding communities of Summerdale and East Pennsboro… and they came from Harrisburg and beyond.

They were students, faculty, staff, local residents, board members, legislators, business owners, nonprofit leaders, alumni and retirees. They came to say hello, hang out with old friends, meet new friends and, most of all, celebrate the appointment of Dr. Linda Fedrizzi-Williams as the 10th president of Central Penn College.

She joined Central Penn as provost/vice president of academic affairs in July 2016, became interim president in the fall of 2017, and was appointed president on June 19.

Among the distinguished guests in attendance were Senator John DiSanto, Rep. Greg Rothman, Rep. Sue Helm and HACC President Dr. John “Ski” Sygielski.

President’s Remarks

“What a remarkable turnout tonight,” said Fedrizzi-Williams, greeting the nearly 200 people in the audience. “This demonstrates how very special Central Penn College is and how much all of you, our incredible neighbors, mean to us.”

Throughout her brief speech, she emphasized the college’s strong connection to the central Pa. area: “I want all of you, our local community, to get to know our faculty, staff and students the way that I do,” she said. “We are a resource for the Summerdale and Enola communities, as well as for the south central Pennsylvania region, and I want to strengthen those relationships.”

Community Relations Coordinator Curtis Voelker served as emcee, providing guests an overview of the college and informing them about our community partnership scholarship programs. Professor Randi Teplitz read a proclamation from Governor Tom Wolf, congratulating Dr. Fedrizzi-Williams on her appointment.

Positive Reaction

A number of the college’s board of directors were in attendance, and they shared their impressions of the event.

“I was thrilled with the community presence at Dr. Fedrizzi-Williams’s first public appearance,” said Dwight Utz.

Fellow board member Duane Greenly agreed: “It was exciting to look around the room and see the support the College has… A strong leadership team, with all the supporting staff pulling in the same direction, bodes well for the future of Central Penn College.”

“We look forward to this new era and increased opportunities for students of the region!” said Dr. Carol Spigner, chair, board of directors.