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March 8, 2017 PTA Alumna Gives Back to CPC

By Dr. Krista Wolfe, Dean of the School of Nursing and Health Sciences

Central Penn College PTA alumna, Ashley Rush Payne, is one extraordinary therapist. Payne is currently employed with Pinnacle Health in the inpatient unit on the West Shore. During a rehabilitation department analysis, she noted that therapy no longer had a need for their set of parallel bars. Payne was quick to recommend that Pinnacle Health donate the parallel bars to Central Penn College where the students would be able to utilize them within their laboratories.

Payne contacted Central Penn to see if the faculty would be able to use the parallel bars for the students. After some analysis, Dr. Wolfe made arrangements to have the parallel bars moved to the college. Danelle Raptosh, from Rehabilitative Services generously donated the "almost brand new" equipment without hesitation. This generous gift was deconstructed and moved to the Lancaster Center by the Central Penn maintenance department so that the PTA students could utilize them within their labs. These parallel bars will be used for gait training, patient safety and many different patient-simulated activities for the students.

A huge thank you to Payne, Raptosh and all of Pinnacle Health for their generosity.