Central Penn College - "The Vagina Monologues" -- One Performance Only

Central Penn College


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February 15, 2019 "The Vagina Monologues" -- One Performance Only

The Capital BlueCross Theatre will present The Vagina Monologues on Thursday, Feb. 21. Written by Eve Ensler, the groundbreaking play chronicles the experiences of a multitude of women of diverse backgrounds, races, ages and sexual identities.

This is the fourth time that Central Penn College has presented The Vagina Monologues under the direction of Theatre Director Janet Bixler since 2014. “It’s a powerful play… it portrays the vastness of the female experience in all of its pain, perseverance, beauty and transcendence,” she says.

As in the past, this year’s production features a mix of trained actors, students and first-timers. “The different skill levels of the cast have a way of really enhancing the material, especially in a multiple-character play like The Vagina Monologues,” says Bixler.

With only one public performance being offered, attendees are encouraged to purchase their tickets in advance. General admission is $10. All proceeds will benefit the Rape Crisis Center at the Carlisle YWCA and organizations working with incarcerated women.

February 21 – The Vagina Monologues         

When:                Thursday, Feb. 21, 7:30–9:30 p.m.

Where:              Capital BlueCross Theatre located on the campus of Central Penn

                           College in Summerdale, Pa.

Cost:                  Students are $3. Adults are $10. Advance tickets can be purchased