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Faculty Who Care

Central Penn College faculty members are more than just instructors.  They're highly knowledgeable experts who bring relevant, real-world experience to each Central Penn classroom. So they can go beyond text books and theory, and fully prepare each student for the current workplace in the field of their choice. Their career-oriented approach and caring attitude is a combination few other colleges can offer.

Instructors care about the personal and professional future of each student. They work with you on an individual basis to help you accomplish your academic goals. And they stand by you every step of your Central Penn experience. Our small class sizes let them establish personal relationships with the students they teach. They are friends, mentors, references and role models. 

Meet Central Penn's full-time faculty below:


Faculty Support

YOU WILL: Have help every step of the way

Our professors are not only experienced, but they believe in you. They arm you with knowledge that you'll use every day in your career, and support you along the way.