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Benjamin Morris Lipschutz, M.B.A., M.Ed.
Interim Dean

Academic Bio

I am focused not only on teaching business, but also the pedagogy of teaching itself - especially in a higher education setting. My primary focus is the paradigm shift from teacher focused learning to student centered learning and ensuring I am able to meet the students where they are and bring them to the level they need to be.

Personal Bio

I grew up in Dover, PA and went to school in York, whereupon I joined the military straight out of high school. I was trained as a Korean Linguist at DLI and an Air Traffic Controller, and have lived in numerous different states and countries during my time in service. Upon being medically retired due to injury, I wound moving to Enola with my wife. We have been married for 9 years now and have 3 children (Ella 9, Claira 5, and Ezra 3). We also house rescued animals in the form 3 cats, 3 dogs (Great Dane ponies really) and 2 large beehives. I enjoy reading, computer games, being outdoors, community service, and traveling. We are planning an extended trip to Japan next year to visit our exchange daughter who just graduated college!

Teaching Philosophy 

I am a leader of youth as much an instructor of content. Anyone can teach a subject, but a professional embodies their knowledge and acts in a manner befitting one in a position of power. I will conduct myself so as to bring credit to the profession of which I am a part through selfless service, loyalty, honor, and personal courage. I will ensure that I never use my position of power and influence for personal gain or profit. I will facilitate the personal growth of my students by being a guide for their moral character, a collaborative partner for their inquisitive nature, and a director for their learning. I can only accomplish this by being well versed in my content areas, communicating consistently and clearly, and through proficiency of instructional methods.


  • Doctor of Business Administration - Temple University '20 (expected)
  • Master of Education in Special Education - Shippensburg University '16
  • Master of Business Administration - Shippensburg University '14
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration for IT for Business Education - Shippensburg Univeristy '16
  • Bachelor of Science in Accounting - Central Penn College '13

Courses and Subjects

  • ACC100 - Accounting I
  • ACC110 - Accounting II
  • ACC200 - Managerial Accounting
  • BUS100 - Introduction to Business
  • BUS105 - Fundamentals of Selling
  • BUS220 - Principles of Management
  • BUS230 - Principles of Marketing
  • BUS235 - Consumer Behavior
  • BUS250 - Advertising
  • BUS265 - Business Ethics
  • BUS325 - Electronic Business
  • BUS210 - Macroeconomics
  • BUS215 - Microeconomics
  • BUS365 - Organizational Behavior
  • BUS470 - Business Seminar


  • Business Education, K-12, Level I PA Teaching Certification
  • Special Education Pre K-8, Level I PA Teaching Certification
  • Special Education 7-12, Level I PA Teaching Certification


  • Ann T. Mcknown Award - 2015 & 2016
  • Volunteer Service Aware, GSHPA - 2016
  • Central Penn College Rookie of the Year Award, 2017