Central Penn College - Dr. Brian J. "Doc" Shelley


Faculty Who Care

Dr. Brian J. "Doc" Shelley
Professor, Humanities & Sciences

What would you say is the most rewarding thing about teaching "You Can. You Will." students at Central Penn?

I am here at Central Penn because we give students who may not have done well in high school a chance to do well in college. Colleges that require college board exams for entrance miss some brilliant people who, at a young age, may not have taken education seriously. However, the world of work and reality smacked them in the face and the value of an education became evident to them. That's where Central Penn steps in to their void.

I am thrilled to watch students who come to Central Penn lacking confidence in their abilities soar to levels they never dreamed possible. As I sign off on all my online welcome PowerPoints, "I know you can; I know you will."

What do students like the most about the courses you teach?

Many students tell me I have marked them for life. They found my classes to be life-enriching and life-changing experiences. Students say they finish my courses having a much better grasp about how the world operates and feel motivated to continue learning more about the class subject. I make students think and give them the tools to help them make reasoned decisions about how to apply course content in their personal life.

What would you say to a prospective "You Can. You Will." student considering Central Penn College?

Test yourself. Prove yourself. We'll give you the opportunity. It won't happen wishing for a college degree. Get in here to Central Penn. The faculty will do everything we can to help you achieve success.

Anything else you would like to add?

You will quickly find that I am passionate about the subjects I teach and passionate about you learning course material. Students say my classes are intense and often complain when the course has come to an end because they do not want to stop the discussions.

Lancaster Bible College, Lancaster, PA B.S. in Bible 1982

Moody Graduate School, Chicago, IL M..A. (Communication/Leadership emphasis) 1992

Oxford Graduate School, Dayton, TN Ph.D. in Religion and Society Studies/Communication 1997

Diplomate, Oxford Society of Scholars