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H. Allen Tannenbaum, D.B.A.
Associate Professor, Information Technology, Program Coordinator

Academic Bio

I have a Bachelor of Science in Education from Clarion University, a Master of Library Science from the University of Pittsburgh and a doctoral degree in Applied Computer Science from Northcentral University.

Personal Bio

After dropping out of college to enlist in the military, I spent two years in Hawaii and two years on an ice-breaker in Lake Michigan. I returned to Clarion to complete a degree in Education. Ten years later, I attended the University of Pittsburgh for a Masters in Library Science. As the Director of the Ohio County Public Library, I engineered the transition from a mainframe computer system to a micro-based computer system. I did the same transition for another library system before being recruited by the software company that wrote the library automation system. I came to Central Penn in 2002 and have been teaching computer science, networking and programming classes since then. In 2017, I earned my doctorate in Information Technology from Northcentral University.

Teaching Pilosophy

I believe that teaching and learning are two different things. Teaching involves selecting, organizing, and presenting information in a way the makes it accessible to the learner. Teaching provides guidance and engages students in the learning process by making the material accessible. Learning is the student’s side of the equation that involves those activities and processes a student undertakes in working with the materials at hand. Every class is different, some classes may be more lectures and some have more hands-on-exercises. It all depends on the class and the material that needs to be covered.


  • Doctor of Business Administration-Information Technology - Northcentral University '17
  • Master of Library Science - University of Pittsburgh '89
  • Bachelor of Science - Education - Clarion University '76


  • Computer Science
  • Networking
  • Programming