Central Penn College - Micaiah Smith-Morris


Faculty Who Care

Micaiah Smith-Morris
Instructor, Business Administration

What would you say is the most rewarding thing about teaching "You can. You will." students at Central Penn?

The most rewarding thing is when students allow me to become part of their life — sharing their past pain and their future dreams. I believe that respect is the most valuable currency and that a true education extends beyond the classroom.

What is the biggest challenge facing students going into the field of Business Administration? How can students prepare to face this challenge?

The market is saturated with over achievers. That being said, students who are used to being exceptional are now AVERAGE. Embrace your uniqueness. Hone your gift. Master your craft.

What makes Central Penn different from other colleges?

Central Penn College provides students with an accelerated opportunity to earn an associate or Bachelor's degree. Small classes and a small community provide you with the opportunity to shine and be YOU.

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