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Giving to the Central Penn College Education Foundation

Outright gifts to the Central Penn College Education Foundation put your generosity to work immediately. Cash, stock and property can lower your tax liability. That's a win-win for everyone.

Deferred gifts benefit the Central Penn College Education Foundation in the future. These gifts can substantially lower income taxes and estate taxes. You can designate your gifts as a dedicated scholarship, with criteria of your choosing, or make an unrestricted gift so that funds will be used where the need is greatest.

There are many ways to benefit both the Foundation and your own personal and financial goals. For more information on how to make a gift, contact Foundation Executive Director Matt Lane at (717) 728-2263 or mattlane@centralpenn.edu.

The following information is to be used as a guide only. Please consult with your lawyer, accountant, or estate planner for specifics on the impact of giving on your personal situation.

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Cash Gifts

Cash Gifts are the most common and simplest way to show support for the students of Central Penn College. These funds can be used immediately to help deserving students. If you want to make a differencenow, cash gifts will accomplish your goal.

Corporate Matching Gifts

Many employers offer a corporate gift-matching program. These programs allow you, as an employee, to direct corporate matching dollars to benefit the Central Penn College Education Foundation. Contact your company's Human Resources department to find out if it offers a corporate gift-matching program.

Gifts of Appreciated Securities

Many donors choose to make gifts in the form of common stock or other publicly traded securities. Substantial tax benefits are realized by transferring appreciated securities to the Foundation. By making such a gift, the donor is entitled to a federal income tax deduction for the full market value of the security, subject to applicable limitations. By contributing the security instead of selling it outright and donating the proceeds of the sale, the donor avoids capital gains tax liability. This means you, the donor, receive a double tax benefit.

Gifts of Real Estate

Gifts of appreciated real estate, such as undeveloped land, farms, or personal residences, may be transferred by deed to the Foundation with no liability for income or estate taxes on the appreciation. Donors should consider making a contribution of real estate when the current market value of the gift is significantly greater than its original cost.

Charitable Gift Annuity

This gift may be an appropriate solution for those who wish to make a meaningful contribution to the College while, at the same time, creating, maintaining, or enhancing an income stream for their own economic security. A charitable gift annuity is a legal document between individual(s) and the Foundation in which the donor gives money, securities, or real estate, and, in return, the Foundation agrees to pay the donor, or donor-selected beneficiaries, a fixed income for life. The amount of income received is determined by the value of the gift and the annuity rate. The annuity rate is determined by the donor's age or the age of the donor-selected beneficiaries at the time the gift is made.


The most common bequest is the general bequest, which specifies that the Foundation will receive a designated sum from a donor's personal estate through a will or living trust. This can be an important consideration for those whose estates might otherwise be subject to high estate tax rates.
To leave a Bequest to the Central Penn College Education Foundation in your will, you will need the following information:

Legal Name of Beneficiary: Central Penn College Education Foundation
Mailing Address: 600 Valley Road, P.O. Box 309 Summerdale, PA 17093-0309
Tax Identification Number: 23-2242116

If you decide to make a bequest to the Central Penn College Education Foundation, share your plan with your attorney and financial advisors. They will draft appropriate language for your will and help structure your gift effectively. For further information, contact us at (717) 728-2263 or email mattlane@centralpenn.edu

Life Insurance

Life insurance as a gift is a cost-effective way to do something today that can have a tremendous impact on tomorrow. The purchase of a new whole life or term policy, in which the Central Penn College Education Foundation is named owner and irrevocable beneficiary, creates a charitable deduction for the donor. Relatively few dollars in premiums can deliver substantial benefits to Central Penn students.

Charitable Trusts

There are two types of charitable trusts: a Charitable Remainder Unitrust and a Charitable Lead Trust. The Unitrust is a gift plan that provides income to the donor or others while also making a generous gift to the Foundation. The Lead Trust allows the donors to retain possession of an asset.


Gifts-in-kind are non-cash donations of materials or long-lived assets. Such gifts may include equipment, software, printed materials or artworks. Gifts-in-kind are tax deductible.

Honorary or Memorial Gifts

These gifts recognize a business, organization, family or individuals, anniversaries or events. Memorial gifts recognize lifetime accomplishments of individuals who live in our memories. Both honorary and memorial gifts can be unrestricted or designated as a dedicated scholarship.

Special Campus Naming Opportunities

The foundation's board of trustees and the college's to recognize significant contributions through prominent placement of donor's names on the Central Penn's campus.

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