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Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE)

Welcome, and thank you for your interest in the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) at Central Penn College. Please note that this site is under construction. Watch this space for exciting updates!

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Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE)

The Center for Teaching excellence supports the College’s commitment to continuous improvement by promoting an awareness of industry trends; furthering the scholarship of pedagogy to foster innovation; and engaging in collegial conversation about the aims and methods of teaching. 

The Center for Teaching Excellence provides faculty with access to

  • LMS Support
  • Instructional Design Support
  • All-In-One Studio
  • Video Editing Suite
  • Faculty Work Station
  • Instructional Technology Tools 


  • Summerdale – Milano 15
  • Lancaster – Room 113

For more information email: cte@centralpenn.edu

LMS Support

A learning management system (LMS) is a software application used for delivering educational content online. Blackboard support is available to all faculty through the Faculty Support Center.

The LMS Administrator can help you:

  • Resolve Blackboard technical issues
  • Learn to use Blackboard and other integrated applications
  • The LMS Administrator also:
  • Offers Blackboard trainings and workshops
  • Keeps Blackboard updated

Contact Information:
Kim Bateman 
Milano 15
(717) 728-2534

Instructional Design Support

Instructional designers help faculty design instructional materials and courses, particularly for digital delivery. Additionally, instructional designers train faculty to use technology and implement pedagogy effectively. Instructional design support is available for all faculty, regardless of teaching modality. 

The Instructional Design Technologist can help you:

  • Organize your online courses
  • Develop effective online materials
  • Create universally accessible courses and materials
  • Effectively use instructional technology
  • Make your courses engaging and fun

Contact Information:

Judith Dutill
Milano 15 & Lancaster Room 113
(717) 728-2208