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Business Policy

Central Penn College respects the need for individuals to have access to support services. The college offers counseling services to all students presently enrolled at either the Summerdale or Lancaster campus, living on or off campus, and in a face-to-face only program. Counseling Services will assist online students living OUTSIDE PA procure services in their community as licensure restrictions may preclude them from counseling through Central Penn College. The college will assume payment for these services under most circumstances. Each student is eligible to receive up to 11 full-length sessions (45-60 minutes) per term, which translates to one session per week of every 11-week term. Sessions may occur in person and/or over the phone during scheduled sessions. Counseling Services has the discretionary power to provide addition sessions per term or during the breaks between terms, although the student MUST be enrolled in the following term to receive services during a break. Students will be referred to outside counseling resources if Counseling Services is unable to provide the appropriate level of care. Please contact Counseling Services at (717) 728-2416 with any questions or concerns.