Central Penn College - Video Policy & Request Form


Marketing Services

Video Policy

Requests for video shooting and editing are handled by the Marketing Services department.

Requests can be submitted by clicking on the tab above.

All requests are governed by the following policy:


Videos that require shooting to be completed on a specific date need to be submitted a minimum of one month before the shoot date.

Videos with no specific shoot date should allow for one month of pre-production before the shooting begins.

This time allows Marketing Services to determine an appropriate pre-production and production plan for the video. If a project is very large in scope, additional pre-production time should be planned on, up to two months total. The Marketing Services department will not be able to guarantee coverage or filming of all requests, especially those not made within the above deadline.


After submission and approval of your video, your video begins the pre-production process. During this stage, Marketing Services will work with the requesting department to properly plan the video shoot to ensure an efficient and effective shoot.

During the production phase, the required video is shot and any needed voice-overs are recorded. The production timeline is determined by the needs outlined during the pre-production process. Production times will vary based on the scope of the project.

After production is complete, your video enters the post-production phase. In post-production, the video is edited down to it's final length, voice-overs are inserted and effects and transitions are added. Timeline for the post-production phase varies based on the length of the overall production and the complexity of the editing.


Stephen Juliano serves as the main videographer for all requests. Under certain circumstances, Stephen will train a student, faculty or staff member to be responsible for the production phase. Marketing Services reserves the right to refuse any video project based on current workload and the completion timeline.