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Title IX

Gender Harassment, Assault & Interpersonal Violence

Central Penn College maintains the principle that the campus should be a place of work and learning, free of all forms of gender discrimination, sexual harassment, intimidation, exploitation, and sexual misconduct. 

Title IX of the Educational Amendment Act of 1972 states that: No person in the United States, shall on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal assistance.

In compliance with Title IX and the Violence Against Women Act, Central Penn ensures consistent procedures and provides coordinated resources for victims of sexual violence. Central Penn takes violations of Title IX policy very seriously and will investigate allegations of Title IX violations to the fullest extent possible. Any person found in violation of the policy will be subject to discipline, up to and including termination if they are an employee, and/or dismissal if they are a student.

Statement of Nondiscrimination

Central Penn College prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, national origin, color, creed, religion, sex, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, protected classes, and any other criterion specified by federal, state or local laws. Any activity or behavior from a Central Penn College student, staff, or faculty member that that intends to harass, marginalize, defame, or harm individuals and/or groups on the basis of any of the aforementioned criterion, within or outside of the college community will be deemed a violation under the code of conduct. Central Penn College affirms an environment of diversity, inclusion, and equity among all internal and external constituents of the college. 

Questions or concerns regarding Title IX may directed to:

Megan Peterson, Title IX Officer
ATEC 201
(717) 728-2398
Campus Phone – Dial 2398

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Who Does It Protect?

Women are not the only ones affected by Title IX. Men also are protected under the amendment. We all benefit from learning and working environments free of gender harassment, assault and interpersonal violence. 

How Do I Report a Violation?

If you suspect a Title IX violation, report it immediately to Megan Peterson. You can reach her at (717) 728-2398, in her office in ATEC 305, and through email at MeganPeterson@centralpenn.edu .

If you feel your safety is at risk, or you have been the victim of an assault, please contact the Public Safety Department at (717) 728-2364 or call 911.

Megan Peterson, Title IX Officer
ATEC 305
(717) 728-2398
Campus Phone – Dial 2398

I Reported a Violation, Now What?

After you report a violation, the Title IX Coordinator will walk you through what will happen. Information on what to expect during the process will be provided to you.

If you feel you need additional support or services, we can help to connect you with those organizations.

Your safety is our top priority, don’t be afraid to speak up with your concerns.

Where Can I Find More Information?

You can read more on Title IX and The College’s Sex Discrimination / Sexual Misconduct Policy starting on page 27 in the 2013 Annual Campus Safety Report at centralpenn.edu/publicsafety.

Community Resources

Rape/Dating Violence Counseling
Domestic Violence Services of Cumberland and Perry Counties
717-258-4806 (Cumberland County)*
717-582-8900 (Perry County)

Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence Legal
717-671-4767 (Harrisburg)

Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape
717-728-9740 (24 hour info)

YWCA Rape Crisis Services Division
717-238-7273 (Harrisburg)
717-392-7273 (Lancaster)
*Central Penn College is located in Cumberland County

College Resources

Call 9-1-1

Call 9-1-1 (Campus Phone)
Dial 9-911

Public Safety

Public Safety (Campus Phone)
Dial 2364


Counselor (Campus Phone)
Dial 2416

Anonymous Tips - uTip

By texting 50911 or Online at centralpenn.edu/utip

If you see it or hear it, please report it.

Location of Title IX Coordinator:

22. Advanced Technology Education Center (ATEC) - Room 305

Title IX

Awareness Information

If you feel your safety is at risk, or you have been the victim of an assault, please contact the Public Safety Department at (717) 728-2364 or call 911.

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