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Super Suites & Apartments

You're preparing for a real world career. Why not start with real world living arrangements? You will with Central Penn's on-campus student housing.

There are no cramped dorm rooms at Central Penn. You live in an apartment or a super suite, and experience the benefits and responsibilities of adult life - all while having fun and making friends!

First-year students reside in the super suites. Upperclassmen enjoy two-bedroom apartments. Places they can make their own, and call their home.

Our scenic 58-acre campus is just minutes from Harrisburg. But it's more like a community, with diverse neighbors, safe streets and hometown spirit. You're within walking distance of academic buildings, recreation areas and other community resources.  

To help ensure your safety and peace of mind, 24-hour security escorts are available. Resident Advisors are also on hand to help resolve problems and assist you with adjusting to college life. Providing a safe, welcoming and supportive environment for living and learning is our number one goal.

Newly renovated Suites Suites

We are very excited to announce that a large-scale super suite renovation project has been completed!


The townhouses have been converted into Super Suites featuring seven single-bedrooms and a large common area.

This project is very exciting for many reasons:

  • Community building activities provided by the upperclassmen student RAs will help ease first-years students into college life.
  • Upperclassmen will enjoy independent living in our apartment units.
  • Interested upperclassmen can initiate themed living-learning houses, such as quiet learning or multi-cultural houses.
  • Student Resident Assistant positions will be available, helping to off-set housing expenses for students.
  • Simple card-swipe access to exterior doors will ensure safety and security of students. 



Real-World Living

Apartments & Super Suites

Central Penn College provides students with real-world learning experiences, so why not real-world living experiences, too? Here, you will find apartments and super suites, not crowded dorms.

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