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What is the Writing Center?

The Writing Center is a network of writing assistants that helps students navigate the writing process.  Students meet with peer writing assistants and discuss opportunities for development in the assignment.  Sessions will be casual and collaborative conversations between writing assistant and student.

What can the Writing Center do for me?

Imagine the student as a ship captain and the writing assistant as a lookout in the crow’s nest.  Lookouts scout for possible dangers (icebergs or angry whales) and inform the captain of their presence.  The captain then uses that information to direct the course of the ship.  At the Writing Center, a writing assistant calls attention to issues in the assignment so the student has a more informed route in which to steer the paper.

What can I expect to find at the Writing Center?

The Writing Center is a haven from the intimidating and often lonely world of academic writing.  We cultivate an inviting atmosphere by hiring friendly and helpful staff, filling our space with comfortable chairs, and providing our full effort and attention in our mission to assist you.

Where is the Writing Center?

The Writing Center is located in The Underground, the lower level of the West Wing, across the hall from the Student Lounge. To access The Underground after 5 p.m., place your ID card over the card reader next to the front door.  (You will hear a beep and the doors will unlock.)

The Writing Center also has its own Blackboard page.  From this page you can schedule an appointment, view our writing resource handouts, and participate in student polls.  To access the Writing Center’s Blackboard page, click the Writing Center tab located along the top frame of your Blackboard home page. 

How do I schedule an appointment?

You can schedule an appointment using the Writing Center's online scheduling system.  Log-in to the scheduling window on the right hand side of the welcome page. (You will have to complete a brief registration form if it is your first time.)

Logging in will load the current Writing Center schedule.  Click a white box under the preferred writing assistant, day, and time, complete the brief appointment form, and click save; it’s that easy!

When should I go to the Writing Center?

Our writing assistants do more than simply proofread finished papers; they can help with brainstorming, organization, content development, revision, APA usage, and more! 

Where do I go?

The Writing Center is located in The Underground, the lower level of the West Wing, on Central Penn's Summerdale campus.

(717) 728-2234