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Policies & Procedures

Procedures of a session

In order to lead productive writing sessions within the thirty minute time limit, we tend to follow a general order of operation:

  1. The student and writing assistant introduce themselves.
  2. The student and writing assistant complete an Appointment Form using the Writing Center's online scheduling system (WCOnline) to document the session.
  3. The writing assistant asks questions about the assignment and the student’s writing concerns.
  4. Either the student or the writing assistant reads the paper aloud.
  5. After reading the paper, the writing assistant adds any additional issues to the student’s original list of concerns.  This collaborative list of issues forms an agenda that directs the discussion of the session.
  6. The writing assistant and student discuss the paper, writing prompt, and relevant sources to clarify confusing passages and draw attention to undiscovered writing opportunities.
  7. If the writing assistant notices a pattern of grammatical error in the student’s work, they take the opportunity to show the student how to fix the problem rather than fix it on their own.
  8. As the session ends, the writing assistant provides a brief summary of what was covered and enters it into the Client Report Form.
  9. A survey is automatically emailed to students when their writing session ends.

Scheduling Appointments

You can schedule an appointment using the Writing Center's online scheduling system (WCOnline). Log-in to the scheduling window on the right hand side of the welcome page. (You will have to complete a brief registration form if it is your first time.)

Logging in will load the current Writing Center schedule.  Click a white box under the preferred writing assistant, day, and time, complete the brief appointment form, and click save; it’s that easy!

It is important to cancel your appointment if you are unable to attend.  Students that miss three appointments will not be able to schedule another appointment for the remainder of the term.

Student preparation for a session

  • The student must bring two printed copies of their current draft, their assignment sheet, and a list of specific questions for the Writing Assistant.
  • The student should visit the writing center several days before an assignment’s due date to provide adequate revision time.
  • Students that attend a session must be willing and eager to participate.  The student will be the primary actor and doer, so the productivity of the session will depend upon the student’s attitude.

Maintaining Academic Integrity

  • Writing Assistants will not write or type any student work.  The student must retain ownership of the assignment at all times.
  • Writing Assistants will not speculate on grades.
  • Writing Assistants will not provide ideas that override or alter the student’s original voice, style, or idea.
  • Writing Assistants will not proofread or “mark-up” student papers.  Instead, Writing Assistants will help students learn to identify grammatical errors and demonstrate how to correct them.  Writing Assistants “teach the man to fish” rather than “give the man a fish.”