Central Penn College - Presidential History

Central Penn College


Presidential History at Central Penn

Since 1881.

In 1881, Joseph N. Currey established the Pennsylvania Business College on Market Street in the heart of the business district in Harrisburg, Pa. As the career-focused college, now known as Central Penn College, grew and leadership changed, the institution moved to its current 58-acre campus in Summerdale in 1970. Central Penn remains true to its mission to prepare its graduates for employment or advancement in their chosen field, continue their education and become contributing members of society; as evidenced by the success of its more than 10,000 graduates, who have served and continue to serve the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and beyond.

  1. 1881-1886 – Joseph N. Currey
  2. 1886-1917 – John E. Garner
  3. 1917-1922 – Dwight L. M. Raker
  4. 1922-1935 – William H. Hartsock
  5. 1935-1953 – Sadie T. Hartsock
  6. 1953-1969 – H. Rae Young
  7. 1969-1989 – Bart A. Milano
  8. 1989-2012 – Todd A. Milano
  9. 2013-2017 – Dr. Karen M. Scolforo