Central Penn College - Mission, Vision & Core Values


Mission, Vision & Core Values

The principles that Guide Central Penn.

Central Penn College focuses on foundation documents to build a framework for career success. By focusing on foundation documents that speak to professionalism and positive work habits, we are able to provide a pathway that enables students to unlock their potential and transform dreams into reality. The challenge comes in accepting a commitment to change and grow and ultimately overcome barriers to success.

Integrity. Integrity refers to 'wholeness.' It indicates that we are in congruence with what we say and who we appear to be. This value represents our aspirations both as individuals and as an institution. Integrity is the foundation upon which our lives are lived and our College carries out its mission.

Professionalism. This attribute refers to personal conduct, attitude, and appearance. The faculty and staff model it. The policies at Central Penn, such as appearance, attendance, and an alcohol- and drug-free environment, make it easy for students to learn and practice professionalism.

Service. Our goal is to provide a service to students, each other, and our community. We are customer-service driven at all levels, from the classroom to staff offices to the administration. Our students are encouraged to provide service to the community, reminding them that the end purpose of education is to make this world a better place for others.

Respect. Respect, the esteeming of others, is modeled by our faculty and staff and is expected of students. At Central Penn, we also know that this helps to bring out the best in others. Respect is a two-way street, and is a very necessary ingredient for us to continue to be Central Pennsylvania's premier career college.

Educational Focus. Preparing Students for Success. Central Penn measures its success by the success of its graduates. Our mission statement says that we "provide an education that prepares graduates to obtain employment or advancement in their chosen field." We seek to impart a love of learning, but the desired end result of learning is the practical application of knowledge and skill so that the Central Penn graduate is able to succeed in the field of his or her choice and be a contributing member of society.

The Big Eight Philosophies are designed to articulate the College's standards to students, faculty, and staff so as to develop the knowledge, attitude, and skills necessary to secure meaningful employment or advancement in their chosen field.

Appearance.  By maintaining an appearance policy in academic buildings on class days, you will develop good habits and build a professional wardrobe for your career success.

Attendance.  Central Penn College challenges students to be learners who assume responsibility in preparing for the business world. Student presence and participation in the classroom or in online courses is an important component of this challenge.

Conduct.  Central Penn College is committed to maintaining a safe environment for all students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Students are expected to conduct themselves in a lawful and responsible manner. Just as in the community where inappropriate actions may cause you to lose your job or lose your lease, Central Penn follows a published judiciary process, which recommends appropriate disciplinary action.

Drug and Alcohol Use.  Central Penn College further promotes academic integrity and professional success through promoting an alcohol-free and drug- free college environment.

Grades.  Central Penn College values a quality work ethic, as do employers. Through an environment that embraces academic integrity and effort, quality student work is rewarded through academic achievement.

Hands-On Education.  Central Penn College strives to serve as the bridge that connects students to their professional dreams through a high-quality, career-oriented education. This philosophy embraces experiential hands-on learning and enables the College to gauge its success on the employment successes of its graduates.

Service.  Central Penn College adopts a philosophy of community mindedness that prepares graduates to be contributing members of society. Combining aspects of service with career-oriented education helps to create model citizens.

Technology.  Central Penn College embraces the need to be technologically competent in today's world. Students, faculty, and staff must feel comfortable using today's technology to improve their productivity and value.

Central Penn College will provide a quality education that prepares its graduates for employment or advancement in their field, and/or the pursuit of advanced degrees.

Central Penn College strives to provide a dynamic and innovative student experience, expand our role in workforce development through increased community partnerships, promote global access to our quality education, increase diversity among our members, and ensure that program offerings are progressive and relevant.

Giving Back

Central Penn's Community Involvement

At Central Penn College, giving back takes on a whole new role. Every term, students, faculty and staff commit one day to give back to the community.

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