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Diane Pickel, MBA
Assoc. Professor, Business Administration

While teaching at Central Penn, what has been your biggest personal accomplishment?

My biggest personal accomplishments are advising the AMA (American Marketing Association)Collegiate Marketing Club, receiving the Sam Walton Free Enterprise Fellowship from Students In Free Enterprise and receiving the Todd A. Milano Faculty Excellence Award.

What is the biggest challenge facing students going into the field of Marketing? How can students prepare to face this challenge?

The biggest challenges for students going into the field of Marketing are understanding how to build long-term, profitable customer relationships and how to use Marketing Research to gain customer insights.

Students can prepare for these challenges by joining our AMA Collegiate Marketing Club and learning successful marketing strategies in our upper-level Marketing courses. 

What would you say to a prospective "You Can. You Will." student considering Central Penn College?

You should select Central Penn College for our emphasis on hands-on learning and our caring faculty and staff.

What makes Central Penn different from other colleges?

At Central Penn College, students have access to the faculty and we emphasize hands-on learning. Our classes are small and students have the opportunity to gain valuable communications and leadership skills.





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B.S. in Marketing-1980
The Pennsylvania State University