Central Penn College - Stephen Campbell, LPTA


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Stephen Campbell, LPTA
Instructor, Physical Therapist Assistant

What is the biggest challenge facing students going into the field of PTA? How can students prepare to face this challenge?

The biggest challege facing students going into the field as a physical therapy assistant will be managing their time and adapting to patients with diffierent conditions throughout the day while in the clinical setting. You can prepare to face this challenge by being actively involved in your education, and making the most of the time you spend in the classroom.

What would you say to a prospective "You can. You will." student considering Central Penn College?

The courses move quickly but every course in the physical therapy assistant curriculum builds upon itself so there is lots of repetition and time to reflect back in order to move forward.

What makes Central Penn different from other colleges? 

The staff and faculty experiences outside of the collegiate walls helps bring perspective to the students and increases their abilities to be successful in the working world.

Associate in Science - Dean College '99
Bachelor of Science - Lock Haven University '02
Associate in Applied Science - Central Penn College '11