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Professor Wade A. Gingerich, PHD
Professor, Business Administration

Academic Bio

My formal career in education began as an Instructor at York Technical Institute (YTI), in York, Pa. As detailed in my curriculum vitae, I taught an array of business and computer courses during my seven years as an educator at YTI. Additionally, through my focus on professional development and meeting the needs of the diverse student body, I was promoted to Senior Instructor, a lead faculty position at YTI.

The opportunity to continue my personal education and development led me to accept my current teaching position at Central Penn College. Starting at the Lancaster Center, my course load focused on business and general education courses. At this time, I have become fully vested in the Business Department, teaching and developing the curriculum for online courses such as business management, International Business and Electronic Business, among many others.

My personal formal education reached a culminating point with the completion of my PhD in Higher Education Leadership from Northcentral University, Prescott, AZ. This included the publication of my Dissertation: Adult Learner Retention and Achievement: The First Year Experience in the Online Environment.

My formal education also includes BS Business Management from York College of Pennsylvania and a MS Education degree from Saint Joseph’s, Standish, ME.

Personal Bio

Throughout my life, I have had the opportunity to travel throughout the world. Landing spots include China, Japan, Korea, Estonia, Russia, many countries throughout Europe and two excursions to Vietnam, as well as many more locales. I have found these experiences to be extremely valuable as they have provided me with the opportunity to immerse myself in multiple cultures, gaining a deeper appreciation for people as unique individuals, with common concerns. 

The people I meet on my travels are often my greatest teachers. In China, I discussed their housing market with individuals concerned about the cost of their housing, as set by the government. In Russia, I learned about the distrust the financial institutions have with foreign currency, being unable to exchange fresh 100 dollar bills (with one crease from my billfold) at any of the local banks. 

In North Vietnam, one night I was talking with a shopkeeper about his reaction to Americans visiting their country. He did not seem to understand why there would be any problem. I gently mentioned the Vietnam War, knowing its impact on the country. He replied, "What Vietnam War?" As I explained my point further, he suddenly understood and said, "Oh, you mean the American War." This is how I truly learned to appreciate the perspective of others.

Teaching Philosophy

As a full-time online professor, my focus in the "classroom" is on communication and consistency. Many of my courses have a similar design to them, as I want students to spend their time learning the course materials, not how to navigate the online course room. I communicate actively with students via announcements, emails and live lecture sessions. Additionally, I always encourage students to reach out to me via phone.

Quite often you will be working with other online learners in small-groups, debating and discussing real-life case experiences, applying course content to solutions, and researching online additional ways to resolve these scenarios. Understanding the importance of research and writing skills are for the success of online learners. Live Library Lectures are scheduled toward the start of the term to help provide and/or reinforce the appropriate research techniques, online tools, and where to seek additional assistance.


  • PHD Higher Education Leadership, Northcentral University, Prescott, AZ; 2015
  • MS Education, St. Joseph’s University, Standish, ME; 2008
  • BS Business Management York College, York, PA; 1991


  • Principles of Management
  • International Business
  • Business Principles
  • Fundamentals of Selling
  • Customer Service
  • Retail Management
  • Electronic Business
  • Labor Relations
  • Microeconomics
  • Business Ethics
  • Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
  • Recruitment, Selection, & Placement
  • Project Management
  • Organizational Process Improvement