Central Penn College - Non-Traditional Student Week


Non-Traditional Student Week

November 4 - 8, 2013

Non-Traditional Student Week is a nationwide week of appreciation and celebration for adult learners. While non-traditional students can vary, they are often over the age of 25 and returning to school while juggling careers, families, or serving in the military.

During the first week in November, Central Penn College is pleased to celebrate our non-traditional students by providing treats and goodies to our non-traditional students in Summerdale, Lancaster and Lehigh Valley during class. You never know when one of our advisors or deans will pop in!

In addition, Central Penn is pleased to offer all our non-traditional students, regardless of the location of their classes, a chance to win $250 toward their Central Penn education! Non-traditional students who are interested in applying for this award may do so by submitting the form below.

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